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Infection Control - for the C.N.A. and H.H.A.

Infection Control
for the C.N.A. and H.H.A.
This course teaches what you need to know in order to reduce and control the risk of infections. It is designed to meet the CNA mandatory requirement for inservice training on infection control. There is no more powerful weapon in this war against infectious diseases than knowledge of the enemy.
Purpose and Objective
  • Identify specific practices that would slow the spread of organisms between patients as well as staff.

  • Specifics of hand washing and hand antisepsis.

  • Specifics of glove use and other personal protective equipment.

  • Recognize the labels of various types of infection-control precautions and know the appropriate protective equipment for each type.

  • Recognize the means of transmission of the more common organisms.
Board Approval Information for this Course
Consultants for the Future is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing, and the Florida Certified Assistants Council, Provider No. 50-435, and the Iowa Board of Nursing, Provider No. 61. This course is for CNAs and HHAs and does not provide credit for nurses.
Author: Linda S. Greenfield
Contact Hours: 1
Cost: $5
This course is no longer available.
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