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Stroke - A Self-Instructional Program

A Self-Instructional Program
Stroke remains the third leading cause of death, and the number one cause of disability with over 3 million stroke survivors. This course studies the pathology of various kinds of strokes, the related symptoms, and approaches to care that can help with rehabilitation and lead the patient to his maximum level of functioning.
Purpose and Objective
  • Cite the incidence of stroke, and the impact of this major health problem on our society.

  • Describe the pathogenesis, signs and symptoms, and the location of the various types of stroke, comparing left versus right.

  • Conduct an assessment of the patient with acute brain damage.

  • Identify interventions used during the acute stage of stroke.

  • Identify approaches for the patient with chronic complications to stroke, including: sensory/perceptual deficits, aphasia, bladder dysfunction, and hemiplegia.

  • Cite life style changes that can be encouraged to prevent stroke in our general population.
Board Approval Information for this Course
Consultants for the Future has been approved by the Florida Boards of Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology (clinical), and Nursing Home Administrators Provider No. 50-435. It is approved by the Florida Physical Therapy Association, #CE18-120552. It is also approved by the Ohio Board of Speech and Language Therapy and Audiology, Provider No. 50-435; the District of Columbia Board of Nursing, Provider No. 50-435; Iowa Board of Nursing, Provider No. 61; the Georgia Board of Nursing, Provider No. 50-435; the Alabama Board of Occupational Therapy, Provider No. 50-435; and the California Board of Nursing, Provider No. 04422. The Course meets the requirements of the Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada, the and Kentucky Boards of Nursing, and other states by reciprocity.
Author: Linda S. Greenfield
Contact Hours: 5
Cost: $25
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