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Working The Numbers - Interpretation of Laboratory Tests

Working The Numbers
Interpretation of Laboratory Tests
This self-instructional program is designed to help you better understand the various implications of laboratory diagnostic tests and apply the results to the care of your patients and clients. Even though we rely on laboratory results, sometimes our understanding of how to interpret the meaning contained within the numbers lags behind. You become empowered when you learn to "read" the test results. This course meets the Florida Board of Acupuncture 'Biomedical Science' requirement.
Purpose and Objective
At the conclusion of the program you will be able to:
  • Define the patientís concern in laboratory analysis.

  • Interpret the pathophysiology reflected in the CBC.

  • Understand the use of hematologic studies including the reticulocyte count, the sedimentation rate, the mean corpuscular values, and the red cell indices.

  • Recognize the value of urine analysis on the unit and in the laboratory.

  • Recognize information given on an electrolyte survey that requires intervention.

  • Relate the serum creatinine, creatinine clearance, and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) to kidney functioning.

  • Become aware of the lab tests used to study liver function.
Board Approval Information for this Course
Consultants for the Future has been approved by the Iowa Board of Nursing, Provider No. 61; the Florida Board of Nursing, and the Florida Board of Acupuncture, Provider No 50-435; the Georgia Board of Nursing, Provider NO. 50-435; the District of Columbia Board of Nursing; and the California Board of Nursing, Provider No. 04422. The Course meets the requirements of the Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada and Kentucky Boards of Nursing, and other states by reciprocity.
Author: Linda S. Greenfield
Contact Hours: 6
Cost: $30
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