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An Introduction to Neuroplasticity - The Dynamic Brain

An Introduction to Neuroplasticity
The Dynamic Brain
This course is an introduction to the concepts of “neuroplasticity”. This understanding will form the foundation for new therapies that, for the most part, have yet to be created within mainstream medicine. Such a process begins by discarding old, no-longer-valid information, and making room for completely radical, amazing, and inspiring new information.
Purpose and Objective
The purpose is to teach what is known about the brain’s ability to be changeable, flexible and to grow new neurons and make new connections in response to stimulation. At the conclusion of the course, the participant will be able to:
  • Define the differences between “localization”, “hardwiring”, and “neuroplasticity.”
  • Review the history of the discoveries and studies that made the shift to neuroplasticity possible.
  • Describe ways in which neurons, genes, and cellular receptors respond to repeated, focused stimuli.
  • Identify the neuroplastic features of learning.
  • Recognize early applications of neuroplasticity to drug action, stroke rehabilitation, psychological disorders, and aging.
Board Approval Information for this Course
Consultants for the Future has been approved by the Florida Boards of Nursing, Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language Therapy and Audiology (clinical), Provider No. 50-435; the Ohio Board of Speech and Language Therapy and Audiology, Provider No. 50-435; the District of Columbia Board of Nursing, Provider No. 50-435; the Alabama Board of Occupational Therapy, Provider No. 50-435; the Georgia Board of Nursing, Provider No. 50-435; the Iowa Board of Nursing, Provider No. 61, the Iowa Behavioral Science Examiners for Mental Health Counselors and Marital & Family Therapists, Sponsor No. 1-05, the Iowa Social Work Examiners, Sponsor No. 334; the California Board of Nursing, Provider No. 04422. The course meets the requirements of the Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada, and Kentucky, Boards of Nursing, and other states by reciprocity.
Author: Linda S. Greenfield
Contact Hours: 3
Cost: $15
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